Sample Memorandum Of Agreement For Canteen

The deped follows the correct procedure in case of prior termination of this MOA, which restores the operation of the school canteen to the school administrator. CONSIDERING that in response to this mandate, the deped strongly supports the organization of cooperatives between teachers and non-teachers of deped, in order to train them to become entrepreneurs and enable them to improve their financial capacity; In this context, order of DECS 55, p. 1996, was made mandatory by the order of DECS 95 s. 1998 and by the Order of DECS No. 72, p. 1999, the living of school canteens at the teachers` cooperative; The dean appoints a housekeeper who continues to use the school canteen as a laboratory for students. He/She sets the curriculum for students who will train in the school canteen. It ensures that this timetable is strictly adhered to. He/she also ensures the full participation of students in the planning, purchase, handling and storage, preparation, service and sale of safe and nutritious meals as part of their laboratory classes. COOPERATIVE is responsible for the quality and use of the food served, the sanitary facilities in the canteen, the proper use of the facilities and the provision of their canteen for laboratory purposes for students, in accordance with the requirements of the designated teacher in home economics. CONSIDERING that DepEd Regulation 8, see 2007, provides revised enforcement guidelines for the management and operation of school canteens in public primary and secondary schools, including those managed and managed by COOPERATIVE; The deped, through the Regional Director and Superintendent of the School Department, establishes monitoring teams in regional and departmental offices that carry out regular inspections of the quality, handling and conservation of food, canteen equipment/equipment and sanitary facilities.

The monitoring team ensures that food safety standards and hygiene practices are strictly adhered to and implemented. This proportion of the school must be used in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Order of Deposeds No. 8, p. 2007. The declaration of receipt and payment is published in a striking way on the public access table. THE COCIDs ensure that canteen staff, who work on food preparation and service, receive ongoing training and training on the proper handling of food. They must receive a health certificate from the Local/Provincial/Municipal Public Health Office and respect personal hygiene. They must also wear clean and appropriate clothing when in the school canteen. Health certificates containing the photo ID of humanitarian workers are visibly disfigured in the canteen rooms and must be renewed every year.