Acorns Agreement

B1, provided that the responsible broker performs all activities described in this document exclusively as administrative services on behalf of the IRA administrator and administrator, pursuant to one or more agreements between the IRA administrator and the administrator and the carrier broker; You acknowledge that you can obtain information, ask questions and get help with your portfolio account and its transactions and holdings by contacting the carrying broker under or during the hours from 9:00 to 17:00 Pacific Time to (855) 739-2859. You ensure that no clause in any of the agreements will be in conflict or violated with an obligation you have under a law, regulation or agreement. You confirm that you are not employed or registered by a broker or other employer whose consent is required to open and maintain your portfolio account, unless you have given us your consent. If you are employed at such an establishment, please email to give your consent and relevant information. You agree that the carrying broker will provide your employer with dual electronic returns and/or business confirmations for your portfolio account in accordance with your company`s requirements, in accordance with industry rules, if you are employed or registered with a dealer or other company with external account monitoring requirements for access or other persons. The assets in your deposit account are placed according to the instructions you have given (or after your death, by your beneficiary) or by your (or after your death, your recipient`s authorized agent). Account contributions are authorized for investments covered in Section 408 (a) of the Internal Income Code, which are acceptable to the IRA administrator and administrator as investments in the application and agreement on the Individual Pension Account (IRA). ISTC does not recommend a specific asset or asset class, nor do we do due diligence or determine the adequacy of a class of assets or assets to our account holders and your investments are neither guaranteed nor protected. If you wish to participate in the Acorns program and have carefully considered this program agreement, including the pre-arbitration clause clause in Section 11.3 and THE PRE-ASSOCIATED RECURRAUTHORIZEING RECURRING MENSUEL N-D√ČBIT IN SECTION A5.3.1 OF ATTACHMENT A, and agreements that are attached to this program agreement that apply to the types of Acorns accounts and/or products you have chosen () After enrolling, your continued participation in the program is your indication that you accept all the terms of this program contract. In addition to declarations and agreements with Lincoln Savings Bank, you must agree to local terms and conditions before you can activate your Acorns debit card.

The terms and conditions of the local money found are available in the app. For more information about Local Found Money, see the G4 section below. Any controversies that may arise between you and the carrier broker about each item, (including controversies regarding an account, order or transaction or subsequent, performance, interpretation or violation of this type, the Advisory Agreement, the Brokerage Agreement or any other agreement between you and Acorns or the carrying broker, whether they were closed or arise before, or after the opening of this account), are determined by a binding arbitration procedure by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to the extent that they were concluded before, on or after the opening of this account.