Acca And Cia Agreement

THIS IS A ONE TIME CHANCE TO ATTAIN THIS QUALIFICATION THROUGH THIS ROUTEBitte find a link below to the ACCA information page to ensure you have eligible and have registered with the IIA, which is your responibility: `This creates a basis for cooperation and collaboration between us, which we will be building on the future,” sa Chambiders. The agreement provides ACCA members with the opportunity to be certified by a tailored review that includes important learning programs and outcomes from the CIA exam. The built-in components give you a complete understanding of accounting, finance and economics. A year of work in the field of examination can replace the accounting, financial or legal experience or the existence of a master`s or a graduate degree. “Offering the CIA Challenge review to our members is an added value in which our members who work in internal audit or those who wish to develop a career in internal audit can obtain the CIA name and clearly demonstrate their expertise in this area,” Hatfield said. . The CIA Challenge exam pack is $1,195 for IIA members and $1,545 for non-IIA. . – Alan Hatfield, Executive Director – Strategy development at ACCA, explains: “Internal audit is an important discipline that requires specific skills, skills and knowledge. Through ACCA training, our members have already developed core skills that address risk, internal control and corporate governance, all of which are considered essential aspects of effective internal audit. However, given the many recent audits in the news of the absence or poor quality of internal audit and its impact on shareholder confidence, this is a good time to invest in internal audit. “Look at courses, modules, locations and registration information, ACCA has also selected a new resource for IIA and ACCA members working in internal audit, with a section on the ACCA website.

These include guides and useful articles, including internal audits of executives and the audit committee. Alan Hatfield, ACCA`s Executive Director of Strategy and Development, says members have already developed core skills through ACCA`s risk, internal control and corporate governance training, all of which are seen as essential aspects of effective internal audit.